In April 2011 a dedicated group of yatra organisers and supporters came together with a common vision to set up an independent, not-for-profit association which organises and implements yatras which are classed as ‘not-for-profit’ events.

In August 2011 the ‘Yatra Bushwalking Club’ was registered as an incorporated association and a management committee was elected to control and manage all affairs of the Club.

The functions of the management committee are:

(i) to have general control of the management and administration of the affairs, property and funds of the group;

(ii) to implement all resolutions passed at a general meeting or an annual general meeting;

(iii) to promote the objectives set out in this constitution.


(a) The Club is a not-for-profit bushwalking club which combines walking and being in nature with meditation and yoga. Programs are offered as a community service.

(b) Leaders of Club programs including meditation teachers, yoga teachers or other leaders receive no payment or stipend for their teaching or leadership role. They can receive donations but not from the Club.


The Club has the following objectives:

(a) To organise bushwalking programs, known as “yatras”, involving meditation, yoga, personal development and outdoor recreation.

(b) To provide services for a community of people who are interested in meditation, yoga, and personal development, as well as bushwalking and the natural environment.

(c) To promote interest in meditation, Buddhist teachings, yoga, personal development, community with others, bushwalking and the natural environment to a wider community within a non-religious setting.

(d) To organise other similar events which combine teachings of meditation, yoga, and personal development with outdoor recreation and interest in the natural environment.

(e) To encourage people to step outside their normal habits and get a fresh perspective on their lives, assist people to see and experience that simple living can be satisfying and joyful, help people to experience the richness of being part of a community, give people the opportunity to practice mediation and yoga and hear about Buddhist perspectives on living.

(f) To develop people’s appreciation of the natural environment.

(g) To provide a safe environment for people to be in nature and to give people experience in minimal impact camping and walking.


The Club has two types of membership:

(1) Associate Membership. Anyone who registers to participate on a yatra which is organised by the YBC automatically will become an associate member of the Club and that membership will last for the duration of the yatra.

(2) Full Membership. For people who intent to get involved with the organization and running of yatras. Participants who have been on three yatras in the past five years or have had a leadership, teaching, organizing or support role in two yatras in the last three years can apply for full membership. Membership is current for one year from the date the application is processed.

To download the complete constitution of the Yatra Bushwalking Club

 click here.