I haven’t stopped relishing the Yatra goodness. Just pure relishing. I keep having private smiles at the thought of some of the little moments as they come into my mind. The richness I am taking with me, and that was unearthed in me, feels unbelievably precious.


I really appreciate the time, effort and dedication in opening and extending the dharma to the world of suffering beings by putting the yatra process of healing on such sound footing.  It seems a most beautiful ‘living environment’ in which to cultivate the sort of uniting community spirit our world is in great need of.


As I washed the smoke and earth off me I felt the Yatra spirit stream still bubbling in me. It’s like an underground spring, always there. You all gave me the gift of lightness of being and music and connection. I love the thought of our Yatra family walking out into the world with one foot on the inner and one on the outer and spreading the Yatra spirit from Bega to the Sunshine Coast and out to Alice. And so far beyond that in all the ripples we make 🙂


I have found myself strengthened both physically & psychically by the Yatra and much more able to carry out the tasks I wish to undertake for community & caring. I am calmer, stronger & much more compassionate to face the combined sexism, ageism and my failing mental & physical capabilities.


I loved our time together, it was so special. I am the envy of everyone I have told about the Yatra & many want to go on the next one – me too! Hope to reconnect soon.


The Yatra has been really special for me. I feel I’m in a radiant afterglow. People are saying Im glowing.