2017 MenAware Gathering – Girraween

1 – 5 September, SE-QLD

Bald Rock Creek Camping Area

Ken Golding, Ronny Hickel

P1050438 email

Twenty men in The Place of Flowers 
Where earth shows its granite form
Elephant boulders and sculpted creeks 
Walking together, talking together, laughter, good food
Ancient hands ripe with meaning
Holding and being held
Anger stick! leaves of grief and sadness, hard stone of fear, 
The empty bowl of hunger and yearning
Tears falling, gut wrenched, hearts full
Touched by deep connection of knowing
Later in the embrace of granite’s deep time
In a tent of fragile safety 
Wild storm, bright crashing light
Banging, booming and hollowing
Elemental earth speaking
Temperatures minus, fire lit faces
Desert hard Mulga wood listening
Sincerely held with vulnerable hands
Encouraging unfamiliar words
How am I to live, how are we to live?
Silence shared as a delicate gift
Stories old and new, rising and falling
Earth speaking, men listening
Dreams, wishes and deepest yearnings
Floating, resting. . . .
Travelling downstream 
My heartfelt thanks