2012 Deep Ecology Yatra – Nightcap NP

5 – 11 November, Northern NSW

Cloud Mountain Homeland (Doon Doon) – Nightcap National Park – Dirangah Rocks – Forest Meditation Centre (Dharmananda) – Protestor Falls – Doon Doon Saddle – Cloud Mountain Homeland.

John Seed, Ken Golding, Ronny Hickel


I saw the green wrap bread Teacosy bought for us in the supermarket and I thought “it won’t be the same”
I woke up and thought about walking on the beach and I knew it wouldn’t be the same
I didn’t make rice pudding because I knew it wouldn’t be the same, and anyway, I prefer just fruit and yoghurt when I can have an extra banana later,
I thought about buying a bottle of wine because the evenings won’t be the same
I did yoga on the verandah and it wasn’t really the same
and I felt a strong pull to sit with my eyes closed and I did, and it was the same, it was just as good, it was bliss, and I opened my eyes and watched the reflection of the trees and ferns and sky in the pond that lay in front of me, and I saw tiny ripples spread out and out, where insects, too small to see, touched the surface.
I’ve never noticed them before.