2010 Far South Coast Yatra – Mimosa Rocks/Gulaga

10 – 18 April, Southern NSW

Gillards Beach National Park – Picnic Point National Park – Araganuui National Park – Murrah River – Bermagui Nature Reserve – The Crossing – Wallaga Lake – Namgyalgar Monastery – Mt Gulaga

Victor von der Heyde, Ronny Hickel


This painting by Annie Franklin tells the story of the yatra. Annie writes:

The painting starts with us as a group of individuals who come together to follow the songline that weaves like a thread through this magnificent south coast landscape.

It begins with the smoking ceremony at Gillards beach and finishes with our contribution to circle of stones on top of the sacred Gulaga mountain.

Along the way are memories of our interaction with the changing landscape; the myriad patterns in the rocks, diving into the glorious sapphire waters, getting lost and getting found, fording river crossings, sharing a cup of chai around a warming campfire, standing together in silence and awe at the Mimosa Rocks, the infinite variety of forest landscapes, the first sighting of Gulaga, the background accompaniment of competing roosters at The Crossing, the ambience of the Tibetan Buddhist Centre and of course climbing the magnificent mother Gulaga.

Punctuating this thread are the evening circles where we would gather together in stillness.

The painting finishes with us as group of individuals moving back into our individual lives, now indelibly impressed with the memory and profound experience of the south coast yatra.